Do you party with Three Olives
at 3PM or 3AM?

Tips & Tricks

Festival Tip #1: What to Bring
  • Check the weather conditions. Is sunscreen... or maybe a foldable, disposable poncho in your future?
  • A small bag. Pack light, but make sure you have enough room for all your festival essentials.
  • Even though your open-toes sandals are so cute, wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet for most of the day.
  • Sunglasses! And probably not your designer ones.
  • Hand sanitizer is a must.
  • A portable phone charger. You will be taking photos and updating your social throughout the day. You know your phone will be nearing 0% by 3PM.
  • And, don't forget to check the "What Not To Bring" list on the festival's website too!
Festival Tip #2: Upon Arrival
  • Grab your three besties, your tickets, and your festival gear, because today's the day!
  • Remember to have your ID ready for age-check and ticket pick-ups.
  • Check social media or the festival app for any hidden performances or surprise guests announced that day who may be attending the festival.
  • Look up the festival schedule and layout. Can you find our Three Olives Happy Hour experience?
  • Locate festival landmarks in case you lose your group, like our Three Olives Happy Hour activation!
Festival Tip #3: During The Festival
  • Grab a cocktail! Three Olives has some festival-inspired dranks throughout the venue.
  • Stop by our Three Olives Happy Hour activation. Whether you party at 3PM or 3AM, Three Olives is here for you. You might even win swag!
  • Get comfortable with standing close to strangers. General admission means it is everybody's concert space. You'll probably end up making some new friends, though.
  • Listen to new artists! Your new anthem potentially awaits.
  • Let everyone know you like to dance. When that first song drops, start moving around like you own the day or night.
  • Have fun! You're there to live it up, and let loose.
Festival Tip #4: After The Festival
  • Upload all of your photos from the weekend!
  • Don't forget to follow @ThreeOlives and tag #3sAParty on social
  • Connect with other festival goers on social to relive the awesome experience.
  • Embark on a full self-care routine. This will help you get over the post-festival blues and help your body bounce back after a weekend of high-energy excitement.
  • Start planning for next year's festival.

Festival Cocktails

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